Mountaineer / Entrepreneur / Dad

About me

Part climber, part entrepreneur, full time dad to 2 great girls. When not fighting gravity, I’m trying to balance business with dad life… Not always successfully. 

Working mostly on education projects, camps, trips, adventures. Specialising in business development from start up to scale up to the 2m size.

- Duncan Robinson

Specialising in quality experiences for young people. Offering everything from meticulously guided mountain expeditions to luxurious trips to far away places. Global Adventures combines their expertise and experience with a commitment to providing top-tier adventures. Whether you're an aspiring mountaineer, a seasoned skier, or someone wanting to discover more in the world, here is your gateway to unforgettable outdoor adventures.

ECA's primary focus is improving the quality and saftey of camp programs. They serve as a vital resource for international schools and businesses seeking to elevate their summer camp offerings to the highest standards. With a commitment to quality and safety, ECA helps institutions provide exceptional educational and recreational opportunities for children and young adults. Whether you're an educator looking to enhance your summer program or a parent seeking the best camp experience for your child, the European Camps Association is your trusted partner in ensuring memorable and accredited summer adventures.

A premium listing site for camps from all over the world who would like more exposure and increase their reach and enrolments. Working alongside the E.C.A. accredited camps get to show families their commitment to excellence and that they are reaching the highest standards in safety and quality.

Set in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and in a top tier International school. St Georges camps have quickly become a leading summer camp in Switzerland achieving the 5 star standards. The camps have become fully subscribed operating in winter, Easter and Summer.

A marketing software specifically for summer camps focusing on increasing enrolments through word of mouth. From nothing to 100 camps using the software and aquisition.

What a great prospect, spending 6 weeks with your best mates, travelling to Pakistan, trekking up the Boltoro glacier and climbing the 12th highest mountain in the world 

The ginat. A name has been resonating in my mind and sending tingling down my spine for a long time now. Rebuffet has ranked this climb as 99/100 in the classic alpine routes, in h

One of the 6 classic North faces of the Alps which, I have been really keen to climb for a long time and I have been waiting for the right partner, weather, conditions, time off et